Play Responsibly

The truth is that, today, online, and on mobile devices, bingo players are also dabbling in casino games. That’s because the two types of game are usually bundled together on the same systems.

So, in some sense, bingo can act as a ‘gateway drug’ toward heavier types of wagers with one’s money.

The New Link Between Bingo and Gambling

If that is the case, that the Bingo can lead to the Casino, then we must to some extent admit that bingo is part of gambling culture. And, if that is the case, then bingo should be considered with the same potential for addiction, right?

It is true that online bingo, even before its alliance with casino games, was addictive — irresistibly fun, in other words. You could lose cash buying bingo cards, some as cheaply as 1p. But it was more dangerous to lose your time, a lot of time, playing online bingo.

Yet, on the other hand, we hear stories of the players who won huge sums on progressive jackpots, on globally-networked bingo games, playing from their mobiles! That kind of story might make spending one’s time and money on bingo even easier!

At Least Two Types

We should distinguish between two kinds of gambling, perhaps. In one kind, in which Bingo mainly falls, you gamble with your time and the payoff is mainly entertainment, although big wins are possible. Generally, the wins are smaller, but so are the costs of cards or coins or chips. This is light gambling.

The other kind is real, or full-fledged gambling. It’s playing casino games like Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and so on, where large sums of money can be involved. We know about this type of thing, and we know that people can get into big trouble, monetarily and psychologically.

In any case it will always be important to understand how much you may win or lose.

Don’t Underestimate Time Investments

Let’s keep in mind, however, that the experience of addiction in so-called light gambling, such as online and mobile Bingo, can be just as stressful, tiring, guilt-ridden and so forth.

It could be, actually, worse to lose one’s time and one’s enthusiasm from playing too much Bingo or spending too much on cards (as if one were going to too many movies or restaurants).

Health and Honesty

Avoiding addiction to anything is a mental-health issue. But it’s mainly a health issue, it’s probably fair to say, since one’s body will suffer from excesses and deprivations (such as not eating enough during long bingo binges).

To survive being addicted to your hobbies (especially ones that are expensive or involve betting money), the first line of defence is just getting honest with yourself.

If you have had problems with gambling or, you’re broke and want to try to win income, then we suggest utter honesty with yourself about the dangers, first.

And addiction isn’t the only health concern relating to bingo, there are others too.

Tools to Play

And if that’s possible, and you think you can play responsibly, then go ahead and use any number of tools (which we also cover on this site), which include alternative payment accounts like Neteller or Ukash that protect your vital bank accounts.

These tools also include, at the extreme, ‘self-exclusion’ from bingo sites or whole gaming networks — if you know (if you can admit) that it’s best to take a break from playing. Each site usually lists the details for counselling resources available to you if your sense of balance is lost.