November 22, 2021

It’s time for free bingo at Bingo 52 Review

Free bingo may not cause frenzy among the bingo fanatics, but when they learn they can win over £6,000 a month by playing free bingo, it might! With so much changes taking place at DragonFish site (the new booster room, overhauled bonus structure) one thing that remained unchanged is ‘free bingo’.

We have to admit, we all love little something for nothing. ‘Free-4-All’ at Bingo 52 is the place for players who are on a look out for bingo just for fun.

When the dreaded bills arrive and you still want to enjoy a game of bingo, Bingo 52 might be the answer to your prayers. Everybody whether or not they have a depositing account can play bingo at Bingo 52 for free. The only stipulation is that they need to have a funded account at the site.

The rooms for free bingo are divided into two: Funded players and Fun players. The latter is for players who have never made a deposit at the site. Free bingo is on every day from 7am-7pm at Free for All room. A guaranteed jackpot of £1 can be won in every game. That means a total of £90 can be grabbed a day!

Funded players on the other hand can play free bingo is Free Bingo Funded room. Every 15 minutes from 4pm to 7pm, a game of bingo can be played with £10 worth jackpot. £130 can be won every day. All of these sums up to a lump sum £6,000.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much happening at Bingo 52 every day. With great promotions and free bingo, we suggest you to sign up to Bingo 52 at the earliest.

With Welcome Bonus, players can also win free bonuses by playing the Bonus Booster app on Facebook for an extra bonus of up to £15. The generosity just doesn’t end here. Players can like Bingo 52 Facebook page for extra £3.

And by partaking in Facebook contests free tickets to Pouch-a-Vouch game can be won. That means getting a step closer to £50 worth voucher from Debenhams, Highstreet and more.

So be a part of the fun. Join now!

Play Bigger Paying Jackpots at Loadsa Bingo

Loadsa Bingo may be a new bingo site in the UK bingo industry. But, they have proved their essence in quite a short period of time. After all having a brand name with the words – Loadsa – it does intrigue one’s mind, as automatically one relates it to the popular clothing brand.

But yes, by now we all know it that the two are quite different – but yes one aspect is similar and that is the level of excitement that they both offer.

Even Loadsa Bingo has got some really excellent promotional offers for its players. For this June, there are a good load of interesting ones to mention.

The most exciting one of the lot is the 90 ball Big-Pay jackpots. In this offering, players have the opportunity to win £200 on a daily basis playing the 90 ball bingo games.

Over the month, you can make it to cash winning worth £6,000. To be a part of the fun, ensure to catch up with the games every night at 10PM. You just need to join at the big paying club. The bingo tickets are priced 50p for a single card, also you can receive 5 free tickets for a £10 deposit.

Adding more to the above, there are 12 jackpot games worth £75 happening every day. Playing the games on a daily basis, you can make it to a winning worth £900 and an astounding £27,000 over the month. The offer is called the Daily Dozen happening in the hours between 12PM and 11PM with 1 game happening every hour.

In short, there are loads of cash winnings up for grabs. Especially with this bright summer season upon us, collecting the good cash is a fantastic idea to let you shoot off for a holiday.

So, get started with your card purchases today. As with the pre-buy option, you can always be a part of the winnings even without being present at Loadsa Bingo.

Join the fun today!